Information and Reservations for Altue Sea Kayaking in Chile

General conditions / Reservations

Making payments
Cancellation and refunds
Limitation of Liability
Reservation Form


Remember that space is strictly limited, so we suggest phoning or e-mailing to be sure we can accommodate you. On the strength of this communication, Altue will hold your reservation for a maximum of two weeks, during which time we must receive a deposit of US$ 350 (in U.S. currency) per person. We will confirm your reservation as soon as we have your deposit. The balance is due 40 days prior to the date of departure. If we have not received it by then, or if you have not made special arrangements with us, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. We also reserve the right to adjust our prices in the event of exceptional cost increases beyond our control.
Reservation Form

Making Payments

Please make wire transfer payments to the following US account:

Banco de Chile

Swift code: BCHICLRM

Address: Ahumada 251

City: Santiago



Beneficiary: Francisco Javier Valle Gomez

Account.: 5-162-74505-07

Concept Code: 10007


Home beneficiary Address:

Avenida Ochoa Lote 3A


La Serena




Please send us an email to letting us know your deposit details.

Cancellation and Refunds

If you cancel your reservation 90 days or more prior to departure, we will refund your money in full. After that, the following rates apply:

Days prior to departure Refund
40-89 loose deposit only
20-39 60%
10-19 30%
9 or less none

Limitation of Liability

We will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant trip. In 28 years of managing adventure travel, we have maintained an excellent safety. Nonetheless, accidents do happen. Altue Sea Kayaking and his associates assumes no liability for time or expenses incurred due to personal illness or injury, emergency evacuation, nor for damage or loss to your equipment. Furthermore, we cannot be responsible for failure by airlines to meet flight schedules, and must assume that you have canceled your trip if you do not arrive at your pickup point when expected. We will make every effort to comply with our own itinerary as set forth in this program, but again, we assume no responsibility for delays beyond our control.

At the leader's discretion, trip members may be required to remain aboard the support boat if their continued presence in a kayak is judged to be detrimental either to themselves or to others.

Altue Sea Kayaking reserves the right to postpone or cancel any trip prior to departure if acts of man or nature so require. In the event of such cancellation, we will refund your money in full.


Altue Sea Kayaking is unable to provide insurance for trip members. We recommend you verify that your health insurance will cover you during your stay in Chile. You may also wish to obtain a short-term traveler's insurance policy in your home country, to cover yourself and your equipment.