What sets us apart?

Sea kayak tours in our region have grown in popularity and many other operators have appeared offering similar tours. Altue is a leader in this market because of three very important details:

  • Altue is the oldest adventure travel company in Chile, and we were pioneers in this field. (more information)

  • We designed, built and own our lodge with sea kayaking in mind. Our guests are our top priority and every detail of our sea kayaking lodge was thought out with this in mind. (description)

  • Our 50ft. support vessel is specially adapted for our exclusive use. In case of inclement weather, we can quickly climb aboard this cozy ship and sail to alternative locations, affording us the flexibility to maximize our options. No to mention the added security and safety afforded by this vessel and it’s crew. (description)

Don’t be misled by operators that don’t have hands on control of these details. This difference will make your experience an unforgettable one.