Sea Kayaking Support Vessel

Our Support Vessel

Our wooden 50ft. support vessel was built by traditional ship builders of Chiloe, famous for building ships specially adapted to these waters. The maritime heritage of this region called for sturdy ships that would transport people and goods throughout the channels and islands of the Chiloe archipelago. Our local full time crew of three (captain, first mate, cook) ensure our safety and add a cultural touch to our trip that can only be experienced with people who have lived their entire lives in these waters.

The ship is directed from a bridge with all of the necessary navigational equipment and radios, to maintain constant contact with our sea kayaking guides. The interior of the ship is an ample space that can comfortably shelter up to 10 people, with a galley that prepares sumptuous meals of fish, shellfish and other local specialties.

Other on board amenities include a bathroom, ample space on the deck to enjoy the outdoors, a support dinghy with an outboard motor as well as space to store all of our sea kayaks and equipment.